The Quietest Cooker Hood in 2023

The Quietest Cooker Hood based on noise level, extraction rate and more.

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Are you tired of noisy your cooker hood drowning out the conversations in your kitchen?

An effective cooker hood will keep your kitchen not only filled with fresh air but also free from odours and smoke. Today, cooker hoods come in many varieties, sizes, prices, etc – while they all serve the same purpose, not all offer the same noise level. 

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If you’re looking to equip your kitchen with a quiet, yet powerful cooking experience then a low-noise level hood is what you need.

In this article, we explore some of the quietest cooker hoods currently available on the market. Let’s go!

Top Three Quietest Cooker Hoods

Our Quietest Cooker Hood Picks

1) CIARRA CBCS6903 60cm Visor Cooker Hood

CIARRA 60cm Visor Cooker Extractor Hood
CIARRA 60cm Visor Cooker Extractor Hood Buttons

The CIARRA CBCS6903 is an ideal appliance for a modern, small-to-medium-sized kitchen. It’s slim and discreet, measuring only 59.6 x 50 x 8 cm in length, depth, and height, respectively, and can be fitted perfectly beneath cabinets or cupboards. With three fan speed settings and a maximum extraction rate of 220 m3/h, you get optimal performance with low noise levels—reaching just 55 dB(A) at its most powerful. Its LED light provides a clear view of your cooking area with minimum energy consumption, while its metal filter extracts more grease from vapour, making your kitchen environment fresher and cleaner. This excellent visor hood can be either ducted or ductless: recirculation mode is possible with the optional CBFX001 carbon filter (sold separately), while outdoor exhaust mode requires metal filters and a duct outlet.

Key Features

  • Space-saving design is perfect for small to medium kitchens or layouts.
  • Quiet operation: maximum noise level of only 55 dB (A).
  • 3 fan speed settings with a maximum extraction rate of 220 m3/h.
  • Ducted or ductless installation options: recirculation mode possible with optional CBFX001 carbon filter; outdoor exhaust mode possible with metal filters and a duct outlet.
  • A metal filter extracts more grease from cooking vapour, keeping the kitchen fresh and clean; it is easy to disassemble and wash.
  • LED lighting offers a clear view of the cooking area with minimum energy consumption and a longer lifespan than normal incandescent or halogen bulbs.
  • Installation accessories are provided under the metal filter base.


  • Brand: CIARRA
  • Model: CBCS6903
  • Extraction Rate: ‎2200 m³/h
  • Noise Level: ‎55dB
  • Power Usage: ‎75W
  • Weight: ‎4.8kg

2) Klarstein Aurica Cooker Hood

Klarstein Aurica Cooker Hood
Klarstein Cooker Hood

Make cooking and cleaning simple with the Klarstein Aurica Cooker Hood – see our full review. It features three different modes to suit your cooking needs: breakfast, lunch, or tea, so you’re never left with stale-smelling air. This stainless steel vent hood is powerful; it has a 600 m3/h motor to counteract strong-smelling foods and quickly remove them from a room. The included touch controls make operation simpler than ever, and its energy-efficient design makes sure you aren’t wasting too much electricity. In addition, this angled cooker hood has an efficient degreasing capability and dishwasher-safe aluminium filters are primed for quickly cleaning odour-filled air. And lastly, its stylish copper design completes the elegant look of your kitchen while adding a dazzling LED lighting system that evenly spreads light over your area.

Key Features

  • Three fan speed modes for every type of cooking: breakfast, lunch, and tea modes.
  • 600 m3/h airflow rate.
  • Easy installation instructions.
  • responsive touch control operation.
  • highly efficient energy design.
  • High degreasing capacity level and dishwasher-safe aluminium grease filters.
  • Stylish copper design with LED lighting system.
  • Compatible with wall mount installation.


  • Brand: Klarstein
  • Model: ‎CGCH3-Aurica-60-BL
  • Extraction Rate: 600 m³/h
  • Noise Level: 71dB
  • Power Usage: 190W
  • Weight: 15kg

3) FIREGAS 60cm Visor Cooker Hood

FIREGAS 60cm Visor Extractor Hood
FIREGAS 60cm Visor Extractor Hood Filter

Introducing the FIREGAS 60cm Visor Hood, the perfect solution to your cooking smoke and odours. With a powerful suction and ultra-quiet operation, this stainless steel visor cooker hood is designed to give you efficient and effective air filtration with minimal noise disruption—just 57 dB at low speed and less than 70 dB at high speed. Ideal for contemporary kitchens where space is limited, this slim hood can be installed under a cabinet or against a wall, while 2×3-layer aluminium filters provide superior multi-layer filtration of grease, fumes, and odours from your kitchen. Easy 5-button control provides simple low, medium, and high-speed selection for different needs, as well as LED lights that illuminate your cooking area.

Key Features

  • Quiet 57dB sound level
  • Modern design that can be installed under a cabinet or against a wall.
  • Stainless steel finish with two 3-layer aluminium filters traps grease effectively.
  • Easy 5-button controls; low, medium, and high-speed selection; and LED lights.
  • Supports duct or ductless circulation mode (includes one carbon filter).
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Brand: ‎FIREGAS
  • Model: ‎FGS-ESF23A360AC
  • Extraction Rate: 201.55 m³/h
  • Noise Level: 57dB
  • Power Usage: 60W
  • Weight: 5kg

4) CIARRA CBCB6736F 60cm Cooker Hood

CIARRA CBCB6736F 60cm Extractor Hood
CIARRA CBCB6736F 60cm Extractor Hood Other Angle

The CIARRA CBCB6736F is the perfect addition to any kitchen. With its energy-efficient design and powerful suction capabilities, it’s the perfect way to keep your kitchen atmosphere clean and fresh. Featuring a space-saving sloped design along with two air inlets to increase extraction area, this angled tempered glass range hood will look great while still having strong performance capabilities. The extraction rate is up to 650 m³/h and the system operates at low noise levels of 58dB. Plus, an added bonus is the easy-to-clean feature, where you can lift up the entire front glass panel and tilt it at any angle for easier access when replacing filters or removing grease.

Key Features

  • Energy-efficient design; save up to 50% compared to Class C models.
  • Powerful suction power; extraction rates up to 650 m3/h with a low noise level of 58dB.
  • Dual working modes; comes with a 1.5-meter exhaust pipe and CBFP003 carbon filters included.
  • Sloping design with two air inlets for more efficient extraction area coverage
  • Easy clean feature; liftable tempered glass panel for easy cleaning and filter replacement.
  • Perfectly designed for modern kitchens.


  • Brand: CIARRA
  • Model: ‎CBCB6736F
  • Extraction Rate: ‎650 m³/h
  • Noise Level: 58dB
  • Power Usage: 85W
  • Weight: ‎12.5kg

5) Klarstein Lumio Primo Retro Cooker Hood

Klarstein Lumio Primo Retro Cooker Extractor Hood
Klarstein Lumio Primo Retro Cooker Hood

The Klarstein Lumio Primo Retro is a stylish, shiny white hood with three power settings. It’s perfect for small and medium-sized kitchens and has a 75-cm rail for hanging cookware. The robust stainless steel housing ensures it will look good for years to come. It is energy efficient, and the switchable air force allows you to control how much air extraction rate you get, up to 430 m³/h. The aluminium grease trap protects the exhaust duct from contamination and makes it easy to clean. Pre-installed with a licenced EU-UK converter plug, this product will be ready to use as soon as it arrives at your home.

Key Features

  • Stylish shiny white cooker hood.
  • Three power settings (stop, low, mid, and high).
  • Maximum extraction rate of up to 430 m³/h.
  • 75 cm rail for hanging cookware.
  • Stainless steel housing for durability.
  • Energy efficiency class D.
  • Aluminium grease trap, dishwasher proof.
  • Comes with EU to UK converter plug attached.


  • Brand: ‎Klarstein
  • Model: ‎10028133
  • Extraction Rate: 430 m³/h
  • Noise Level: ‎59dB
  • Power Usage: 20W
  • Weight: 8kg

6) CIARRA CBCS6102 60cm Cooker Hood

CIARRA CBCS6102 60cm Cooker Hood
CIARRA CBCS6102 60cm Cooker Hood Other Angle

The CIARRA CBCS6102 is a cooker hood that will keep your kitchen atmosphere fresh and clean. It features an energy-efficient A++ rating, allowing it to save up to 80% of normal energy consumption when compared to Class C models. With ultra-strong suction power of up to 650 m3/h, it has the capacity to fit all your exhaust and ventilation needs more effectively. Dual ventilation modes give you the option of ducting outside with a 1.5-meter exhaust pipe or easily converting to ductless with our optional CBCF003 charcoal filter kit. Alongside this are five-layer aluminium grease filters, which are designed for maximum efficiency. The touch-sensitive control panel and dimmable LED lights give this stainless steel cooker hood a luxurious, modern appearance.

Key Features

  • Energy-efficient A++ rating; compared to Class C models, saving up to 80% of energy consumption.
  • Ultra-strong suction power; 4 power levels; boost function; air flow rate of up to 650 m3/h.
  • Dual ventilation modes: ducted or ductless options with optional CBCF003 charcoal filter kit.
  • 5-layer aluminium grease filters: 2 pieces of filters made from high-quality aluminium for faster removal of grease and fumes.
  • A luxurious appearance, a touch-sensitive control panel, and dimmable LED lights make this extractor hood look modern and cutting-edge.
  • Compatible with PC and Mac.


  • Brand: ‎CIARRA
  • Model: ‎CBCS6102
  • Extraction Rate: 650 m³/h
  • Noise Level: 60dB
  • Power Usage: 85W
  • Weight: ‎11.7kg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Quietest Cooker Hood?

We found the Quietest Cooker Hood to be the CIARRA CBCS6903. With a noise level of just 55dB, it is also one of the most popular quiet cooker hoods on the market, an extraction rate of 220 m³/h, ducted or ductless installation options, and more!

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How many dB is a quiet extractor fan?

The number of decibels (dB) that a quiet extractor fan emits will vary depending on its size and type. For a cooker hood, anything under 60dB is considered quiet. Most domestic extractor fans range from around 30 dB to roughly 55 dB, with larger industrial models ranging up to 70+ dB. A sound of approximately 15 dB is the equivalent of a whisper, so for a whisper-quiet extractor fan you would need one that produces around 45-50dB or lower.

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Are all cooker hoods noisy?

No, not all cooker hoods are noisy. As mentioned above, for a cooker hood to be considered quiet, it would need to be under 60dB. Some cooker hoods utilise advanced technology to make them as quiet as possible and reduce operational noise significantly. Such models are gaining popularity due to their superior performance and superior user experience. Examples of ‘quiet’ cooker hoods include those powered by centrifugal force or those designed with a secondary noise reduction chamber which absorbs sound waves produced by the fan motor so they don’t travel further into your home.

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How do I reduce the noise of my extractor fan?

There are a few ways to reduce the noise of an extractor fan. Firstly, you could try repositioning the fan away from heat sources, as this can create unnecessary noise. Secondly, you can add acoustic insulation in the areas surrounding the fan to absorb sound and reduce overall noise levels. Thirdly, adding silencers such as dampers or silencing boxes to your extraction system can also help to reduce levels of noise. Finally, consider replacing your current device with a quieter model designed for low-noise operation.

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