The Best Chimney Cooker Hood in 2023

The Best Chimney Cooker Hood based on air extraction rate, price and more.

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With a decent chimney cooker hood, you can keep your kitchen clean and odour-free all year round. Chimney cooker hoods have continued to evolve since they first appeared on the market. They are now available in modern designs, with many great features such as energy-efficient LED lighting and powerful suction capabilities.

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With so many options out there, it will be hard to choose the one that is perfect for your kitchen. To make matters easier, we have done our research and compiled a list of the best chimney cooker hoods for 2023. We’ll cover all the important features that you should look for when selecting your new chimney cooker hood, plus provide reviews for each product to help narrow down your selection.

Top Three Chimney Cooker Hoods

Our Best Chimney Cooker Hood Picks

1) CIARRA CBCS6201 60cm Chimney Cooker Hood

CIARRA CBCS6201 60cm Chimney Cooker Hood
CIARRA CBCS6201 60cm Chimney Cooker Hood Filter Angle

The CIARRA CBCS6201 offers the perfect combination of efficiency and style. This A-rated energy-class kitchen chimney hood uses up to 40% less energy than Class C models, making it an economical choice for keeping your kitchen fresh. The 5-layer aluminium grease filter helps ensure efficient ventilation, while this pyramidal-designed hood provides a large extraction area of 370m³/h—more than enough to keep your kitchen clean! To meet all of your needs, choose from 3 different speed levels or use the recirculation mode with carbon filters. Plus, you’ll have everything you need to vent outside with the 1.5-meter exhaust pipe included in the package. The hood is suitable for use above a standard-sized hob and features a modern black and stainless steel design with a fluorescent display that gives it a touch of class.

Key Features

  • A-rated energy class.
  • Save up to 40% energy usage compared to Class C models.
  • 5-layer aluminium grease filters providing efficient ventilation. 
  • Powerful suction power of 370m³/h.
  • 3 different speed levels.
  • Re-circulation mode available with included carbon filters.
  • Modern black and stainless steel design.
  • LCD touch control panel display.
  • Comes with 1.5m exhaust pipe for outdoor ducting installation.
  • Suitable for using above standard size hob.


  • Brand: CIARRA
  • Model: ‎CBCS6201
  • Extraction Rate: 370 m³/h
  • Noise Level: 62dB
  • Power Usage: 70W
  • Weight: 7.2kg

2) CIARRA CBCB6736D Angled Chimney Cooker Hood

CIARRA CBCB6736D Angled Chimney Cooker Hood
CIARRA CBCB6736D Angled Chimney Cooker Hood Filter Angle

The CIARRA CBCB6736D is the perfect wall-mounted chimney range hood for energy-conscious households. With an A-rated class energy efficiency, this angled exhaust hood can save up to 30% more energy than models with a Class C rating at the same suction power. With a maximum air extraction rate of 350 m³/h and a noise level of 63 dB(A), you can enjoy ventilation using the 1.5-meter exhaust pipe to duct outside or the included carbon filters for a ductless recirculating mode. Constructed of heat- and scratch-resistant black glass and stainless steel, this angled cooker hood comes with a dishwashable aluminium grease filter that should be rinsed on a regular basis for optimal performance. This model also includes two LED lights with a combined lifespan of more than 10,000 hours and three speed settings to help you adapt your cooking easily depending on each particular meal or requirement.

Key Features

  • A rated class energy efficiency.
  • Saves 30% of energy compared to class C.
  • Maximum airflow capacity of 350m³/h.
  • Noise level at 63dB(A).
  • Includes 1.5m pipe ducting kit and carbon filters for recirculating mode.
  • Heat & scratch resistant black glass & stainless steel construction.
  • Dishwasher-safe aluminium grease filter.
  • LED Lights with 10,000-hour lifespan.
  • Easy clean design.
  • Three speeds offer adjustable functionality depending on requirements


  • Brand: ‎CIARRA
  • Model: ‎CBCB6736D
  • Extraction Rate: 350 m³/h
  • Noise Level: 63dB
  • Power Usage: ‎23 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
  • Weight: 8.6kg

3) CIARRA CBCS9201 Stainless Steel Chimney Hood

CIARRA CBCS9201 Stainless Steel Chimney Hood
CIARRA CBCS9201 Stainless Steel Chimney Hood Filter Angle

The CIARRA CBCS9201 is the perfect choice for any kitchen. This hood features an energy-efficient design, rated A for up to 40% cost savings compared to class C models. Its large extraction area, measuring 90 cm wide, combined with its 3 x 26 cm long grease filters, make it suitable for use over a large hob in a medium-sized kitchen. The hood has 370 m³/h suction power and three speed levels, allowing you to customise its power to your needs. The CIARRA CBCS9201 will be the perfect fit for your kitchen needs, with dual working modes; mounted on walls or outside ducted ventilation with 1.5m exhaust pipe included; and easy installation offering full assembly accessories plus two carbon filters and aluminium replacements.

Key Features

  • A rating energy class can save up to 40% of consumption compared to Class C models.
  • 90cm wide extraction area.
  • Suction power of 370m³/h.
  • Three speed levels.
  • Duct outside with the 1.5m exhaust pipe or recirculation with included filters.
  • Easy Installation offered with full assembly accessories.


  • Brand: CIARRA
  • Model: ‎CBCS9201
  • Extraction Rate: 370 m³/h
  • Noise Level: 63dB
  • Power Usage: 70W
  • Weight: 8.75kg

4) CIARRA CBCS6102 Touch Control Chimney Cooker Hood

CIARRA CBCS6102 Touch Control Chimney Cooker Hood
CIARRA CBCS6102 Touch Control Chimney Cooker Hood Filter Angle

Introducing the CIARRA CBCS6102. This sleek and modern stainless steel chimney cooker hood features a touch-sensitive control panel, dimmable LED lights, an energy efficiency A++ rating, ultra-strong suction power with 4 power levels, and a boost function of up to 650 m³/h, so you can easily keep your kitchen air fresh and clean without breaking the bank. It features dual ventilation modes: ducted outside using a 1.5-meter exhaust pipe or ductless with our functional charcoal filters. The 5-layer aluminium grease filter is made of high-quality aluminium that effectively removes grease and fumes, while its sound power level of 66 dB (A) makes this hood’s operation pleasantly quiet.

Key Features

  • Touch-sensitive control panel for ease of use.
  • Dimmable LED lights for an attractive look.
  • Energy efficient A++ rating.
  • Saves up to 80% in energy consumption compared to C Class models.
  • Ultra-strong suction power of up to 650 m³/h with 4 power levels and boost function.
  • Dual ventilation modes: ducted outside or ductless with optional charcoal filters.
  • 5-layer aluminium grease filters for effective removal of grease & fumes.
  • Sound level of 66dB(A).


  • Brand: CIARRA
  • Model: ‎CBCS6102
  • Extraction Rate: 650 m³/h
  • Noise Level: 66dB
  • Power Usage: 85W
  • Weight: 11.7kg

5) CIARRA CBCS6506B Curved Glass Chimney Hood

CIARRA CBCS6506B Curved Glass Chimney Hood
CIARRA CBCS6506B Curved Glass Chimney Hood Filter Angle

The CIARRA CBCS6506B is an energy-efficient cooker hood that helps reduce your electricity bill by 50% and provides quiet operation with noise levels of 67dB(A). The powerful air output of 650m³/h ensures circulated air in a short time, while the dual ventilation modes and included 1.5-meter exhaust pipe allows for mounting on walls or a recirculating mode via carbon filters. With two energy-saving LED lights and an intuitive operating panel, this hood provides extra brightness to illuminate your cooking space and extra visibility during use. The classic design features a seamless connection between stainless steel panels and curved glass, which helps centralise the smoke from cooking for better suction. It is also low maintenance because it is simple to clean.

Key Features

  • Saves up to 50% on electricity bills compared to C Class models.
  • Powerful air output of 650m³/h circulates air quickly in large rooms.
  • Dual ventilation modes; expel air outside with included 1.5m exhaust pipe, or recirculate via included carbon filters.
  • Intuitive use with touch control panel.
  • Easy to clean for low maintenance.
  • LED lights provide extra brightness to illuminate your cooking space.
  • Classic design featuring stainless steel panels & curved glass.


  • Brand: CIARRA
  • Model: CBCS6506B
  • Extraction Rate: 650 m³/h
  • Noise Level: 67dB
  • Power Usage: 210W
  • Weight: 13kg

6) COMFEE’ 60 cm Chimney Cooker Hood

COMFEE' 60 cm Chimney Cooker Hood
COMFEE' 60 cm Chimney Cooker Hood Buttons

The COMFEE’ 60 cm Chimney Cooker Hood is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to keep their kitchen clean and free of annoying cooking fumes. This hood has strong suction and a powerful airflow rate of 320 m³/h, which effectively removes odours, steam, and grease. It also has dual extraction modes and three speeds, so you can customise your cooking experience. The operating panel is intuitive to use, featuring a push button with reliable physical haptics and an LED light for decent visibility at the stovetop. Plus, there’s a height-adjustable chimney, which can be installed in any kitchen. The noise level of 67 dB makes this hood ideal for busy kitchens!

Key Features

  • Dual extraction modes for customizing your cooking experience.
  • Strong suction with a 320 m³/h powerful airflow to eliminate odours, steam and grease quickly.
  • Three speed options.
  • Push button operating panel with reliable physical haptics.
  • Intuitive LED light for decent visibility at the stove. 
  • Height-adjustable chimney for easy installation in any kitchen.
  • Noise level of 67 dB.


  • Brand: ‎COMFEE’
  • Model: ‎KWH-PYRA17B-60
  • Extraction Rate: 320 m³/h
  • Noise Level: 67dB
  • Power Usage: ‎27 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
  • Weight: 5.3kg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best chimney cooker hood?

We found the best chimney cooker hood to be the CIARRA CBCS6201. It is one of the most popular chimney cooker hoods on the market, is rated A for energy expenditure, features an extraction rate of 370m³/h, includes a 1.5m exhaust pipe for external extraction if required, and more!

How do I choose the right chimney cooker hood?

When choosing a chimney cooker hood, there are several important factors to consider. First, you need to decide whether or not your kitchen will require a vented model. Vented models require installation in an exterior wall and are usually associated with quieter operation and more efficient removal of steam and cooking smells. You should also consider the noise level of different models, as some are designed to be quiet while others can be quite loud. Additionally, pay attention to sizing; modern chimney cooker hoods come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you choose one that fits the dimensions of your kitchen. Finally, look for features like LED lights and touch controls that can make using your cooker hood easier and more convenient.

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Are angled chimney hoods any good?

Angled chimney hoods are an excellent option for larger kitchens, as they provide a wide range of air coverage while also helping to keep your kitchen design streamlined. As with any type of hood, angled chimney hoods help to remove unwanted smoke and odours, as well as offering better lighting, increasing the visibility of cooking surfaces. They also feature built-in fans that filter out smoke particles and other contaminants in the air. Additionally, angled chimney hoods are often more energy efficient than traditional designs, which can help reduce your overall energy consumption. Finally, this type of hood is relatively easy to install and maintain.

What is the difference between a canopy and a chimney hood?

Canopy hoods are most commonly wall-mounted, above the stove or range. They collect steam and grease from cooking into the duct connected to the back of the unit and draw it away from the kitchen. Chimney-style hoods are free-standing units that extend out of a ducted canopy that houses two powerful fans for ventilation in a typical installation. These types of hoods provide superior ventilation by drawing cooking odours and greasy smoke up into two lines leading to two powerful fans near the top cap. They also tend to look more stylish and modern than canopies, making them ideal for use in contemporary kitchen decor schemes.

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What does a chimney cooker hood do?

A chimney cooker hood is a type of ventilation device that captures kitchen fumes, steam, and grease from cooking before they accumulate in the air. Most chimney cooker hoods are made up of a filter or mesh covering to catch the particles, heat sensors to prevent overheating, and a motor with a fan for suction. They typically hang over an oven or stove and pull potentially harmful vapours away from your kitchen through a mounted exhaust vent. Installing one also prevents smoke and odour buildup in your kitchen.

Does a chimney cooker hood need to be vented?

Ideally, yes, a chimney cooker hood needs to be vented. This venting is important for two main reasons. First, it helps to expel odours from cooking foods, and second, it helps to draw away smoke and grease that may build up over time in the kitchen. If the chimney cooker hood is not properly vented, it can become clogged, which can lead to safety issues like increased fire risk or decreased air quality. Therefore, proper installation of a venting system is an important step in ensuring that your chimney cooker hood works safely and efficiently.

What is the difference between a chimney hood and an island hood?

The main difference between a chimney hood and an island hood is the location of where it is installed. A chimney hood mounted on the wall, usually directly above a stove or cooktop, with exhaust ducts that run vertically to carry smoke, steam, and odours out of the home. An island hood, on the other hand, mounts below the ceiling and helps pull air down from the space above an island. An island hood has to be designed differently than a chimney hood, as they have to be able to vent air towards multiple sides because of its position in the middle of the kitchen area.

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