The Best Canopy Cooker Hood in 2023

The Best Canopy Cooker Hood based on extraction rate, price, power and more.

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Tired of all the smoke, steam and odours from your cooking? Having a reliable cooker hood will make cooking much more enjoyable in the kitchen. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the right hood for your needs.

A type of integrated hood, canopy cooker hoods are an innovative, modern and efficient way to reduce smoke, steam and odours during cooking. These purpose-built hoods fit perfectly over a range cooker or hob and can provide ventilation for up to eight burners at once. Canopy cooker hoods have come a long way from their early designs, offering sleek looks and powerful suction systems.

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Choosing the right canopy cooker hood that meets both your performance needs and design aesthetic is key. To make it easier for you to decide which one is right for you, here is a list of some of the best canopy cooker hoods on the market coupled with the features they possess.

Top Three Canopy Cooker Hoods

Our Best Canopy Cooker Hood Picks

1) CIARRA CBCS5913A Canopy Cooker Hood

CIARRA CBCS5913A Canopy Cooker Hood
CIARRA CBCS5913A Canopy Hood

If you are looking for an integrated cooker hood that will help keep your kitchen visually clean and sleek, the CIARRA CBCS5913A Canopy Cooker Hood is the perfect choice. Designed to be concealed behind a cabinet door, this cooker hood features 300 m3/h of suction power to easily remove smoke and odours from the air. Choose from three different speed levels (Simmer, Grill, and Ventilation) so you can adjust the extraction level that meets your needs. The powerful 2W LED lights ensure that your cooking area is well-lit, while its compact size allows even small kitchens to benefit from its power. With a maximum noise level of only 63dB(A), this cooker hood offers complete silence for a more peaceful environment in your kitchen.

Key Features

  • Can be concealed behind a cabinet for a sleek and seamless look in your kitchen. 
  • 300m³/h suction power
  • 3 speed levels
  • Two bright 2W LED lights help keep your hob well-lit
  • Installation accessories included


  • Brand: ‎CIARRA
  • Model: CBCS5913A
  • Extraction Rate: 300 m³/h
  • Noise Level: ‎63dB
  • Power Usage: ‎70W
  • Weight: 4.4kg

2) Cookology BUCH520SS Canopy Cooker Hood

Cookology BUCH520SS Canopy Cooker Hoods
Cookology BUCH520SS Canopy Cooker Hoods Other Angle

The Cookology BUCH520SS is a great solution for those who want to keep their kitchen clutter-free and looking neat. Made using the same quality materials as other branded cooker hoods, this canopy cooker hood fits discreetly into a cupboard or cavity above your hob so that it remains almost invisible in your kitchen—great for where you don’t want people to see an extractor hood. It’s ideal for smaller kitchens and can be either ducted outside with an optional ducting kit or recirculated with the included carbon filters (CCF200). This product features an extraction capacity of 300 m3/hour, slider control operation, three speeds, two LED lights, and one washable aluminium grease filter.

Key Features

  • Discreet design fits snugly into the cupboard or cavity above your hob
  • Ducted outside with optional ducting kit 
  • Recirculating option with included CCF200 Carbon Filters 
  • Extraction capacity of 300 m³/hour
  • Slider control operation with three speeds
  • Two LED lights
  • One washable aluminium grease filter


  • Brand: Cookology
  • Model: ‎BUCH520SS CCF200
  • Extraction Rate: 300 m³/h

3) SIA UC52SI Canopy Cooker Hood

SIA UC52SI Canopy Hood
SIA UC52SI Canopy Cooker Hood

The SIA UC52SI provides a powerful yet unobtrusive solution for keeping the air in your kitchen clean. With a 275 m3/hr extraction rate, this hood efficiently and quietly removes accumulated cooking odours, vapours, and grease from your kitchen, and it is available with both internal re-circulation and external ducting options. Featuring two 4W LED lights for bright illumination of the cooking area below and one dishwasher-proof grease filter for convenient maintenance, this cooker hood is finished with a 5-year parts guarantee and a 2-year labour guarantee for added peace of mind.

Key Features

  • Extraction rate of 275 m³/hr
  • Two 4W LED lights provide bright illumination of the cooking area
  • Easy to clean and maintain with one dishwasher-proof grease filter included
  • Suitable for either internal re-circulation or external extraction (with a ducting kit)
  • Discreet minimal design
  • Covered by a 5-Year Parts and 2-Year Labour warranty


  • Brand: SIA
  • Model: UC52SI
  • Extraction Rate: 275 m³/h
  • Power Usage: 4W
  • Weight: ‎5.3kg

4) Cookology BUCH750SS Canopy Cooker Hood

Cookology BUCH750SS Canopy Cooker Hoods
Cookology BUCH750SS Canopy Cooker Hoods Other Angle

Bring professional-style performance to your home with the Cookology BUCH750SS. This sleek and discreet cooker hood fits conveniently into a cupboard or cavity above your hob, making it an ideal choice for ornamental cupboards where you don’t want a bulky extractor fan on display. With three speeds and an extraction rate of up to 700 m3/h, this powerful motor is manufactured in the same factory as other branded canopy cooker hoods using the same high-quality materials. This cooktop hood also features two spotlights for added visibility and has the flexibility of either ducting or recirculation—both optional (but not included). In addition, the Extractor comes with one washable aluminium grease filter!

Key Features

  • Fits easily into a cupboard or cavity above your hob
  • Up to 700m/3 per hour extraction rate
  • Three speed levels
  • Two spotlights for added visibility
  • Can be used for either ducting or recirculation (both optional but not included)
  • One washable aluminium grease filter included


  • Brand: Cookology
  • Model: BUCH750SS
  • Extraction Rate: 700 m³/h

5) FIREGAS 52cm Canopy Extractor Hood

FIREGAS Canopy Extractor Hoods
FIREGAS Canopy Extractor Hoods Filter Angle

The FIREGAS 52cm Canopy Extractor Hood is a powerful yet noiseless way to keep your kitchen air fresh and filtered. This oven extractor hood can absorb and filter oil fumes and strong odours of up to 298 m³/h quickly and quietly, making it ideal for families looking for a comfortable cooking environment. The integrated cooker hood offers both pipe output type and internal recirculation type technology, so you can choose what works best for your needs. When using the internal circulation mode, two CC110 carbon filters are included for your use. The hood itself is comprised of stainless steel material for unparalleled quality with a 3-layer aluminium filter that helps trap grease effectively, so you can easily disassemble, clean, and reuse it. Plus, there’s an integrated LED light (2 W) that ensures decent visibility on your stovetop for easy cooking. This slim curved canopy cooker hood also allows you to save on space as it fits perfectly in any apartment kitchen—making it the ideal choice for families looking to keep their kitchen air clean!

Key Features

  • Powerful oven extractor hood with 298m³/h capacity
  • Ultra noiseless operation at less than 62dB
  • Internal recirculation type featuring two CC110 carbon filters included
  • Stainless steel made
  • 3 layer aluminium filter technology dishwasher friendly
  • 5-button LCD control
  • 2W LED lights illuminate cooking area clearly
  • Slim curved canopy design great fit in any flat kitchen


  • Brand: FIREGAS
  • Model: ‎FGS-ESB09S52AC
  • Extraction Rate: 298 m³/h
  • Noise Level: ‎62dB
  • Power Usage: ‎65W
  • Weight: ‎4.3kg

6) electriQ 52cm Canopy Cooker Hood

electriQ 52cm Canopy Cooker Hoods
electriQ 52cm Canopy Cooker Hoods Inside View

The electriQ 52cm Canopy Cooker Hood provides powerful and efficient extraction with an effective extraction rate of 365 m3 per hour. This model is ideal for small to medium kitchens and comes complete with a built-in, unbranded design to suit any kitchen. The 52-inch canopy extractor has three speed settings, allowing you to quickly adjust the fan speed based on the amount of cooking odours and fumes in the air. The simple slider switch operation allows you to quickly choose the desired fan speed settings, while the two energy-efficient LED lights help to illuminate your cooking area. With washable grease filters helping to clear grease from the surrounding air, this hood will have your kitchen smelling fresh in no time!

Key Features

  • Quickly clears the air in a small kitchen
  • Effective extraction rate 365 m3/hr
  • Three speed settings to combat cooking smells
  • Simple to use slider switch operation
  • Unbranded design to coordinate with existing appliances
  • Two energy-efficient LED lights to illuminate your cooktop
  • Includes washable grease filters for easy upkeep
  • Can be installed by a professional or DIY-certified market engineer


  • Brand: ‎Electriq
  • Model: ABI-U68A 520
  • Extraction Rate: 365 m³/h
  • Weight: ‎5.99kg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best canopy cooker hood?

We found the best canopy cooker hood to be the CIARRA CBCS5913A. It is one of the most popular canopy cooker hoods on the market, runs quietly at 63dB, has a decent extraction rate of 300m³/h, two 2W LEDs, three speed levels, and more!

Are canopy cooker hoods any good?

Canopy cooker hoods can be very good, depending on the model. When picking a canopy cooker hood, you want to take into account features like sound output, how well it filters odours and smoke, energy efficiency, style, and size. Additionally, check consumer reviews to get more information on any issues that may arise. Some of the higher-end models have been voted favourably by many consumers; however, cheaper models may not fit your needs as well. A canopy cooker hood should last for years with proper maintenance and cleaning, so consider your budget and ensure you purchase one that is best suited for your kitchen needs.

What is a canopy cooker hood?

A canopy cooker hood is a kitchen appliance designed to help remove fumes, odours, and smoke from the air when cooking. The appliance consists of a fan and light mounted above the range or cooktop in the kitchen. Generally, these models are designed to fit into cabinets that otherwise block the view of the stove, allowing for discreet venting of cooking fumes. Not only does this hood provide additional lighting for preparing meals, but it also filters out airborne particles and helps reduce airborne grease buildup in kitchens.

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What is the difference between a canopy and integrated cooker hoods?

There is no difference between a canopy cooker hood and an integrated cooker hood. In fact, a canopy hood is a type of integrated cooker hood. Another type of integrated hood is the telescopic cooker hood and the downdraft hood.

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