The Best 60cm Cooker Hood in 2023

The Best 60cm Cooker Hood based on performance, price and more.

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Are you looking for the perfect cooker hood to complete your kitchen in 2023?

Kitchens are not just functional spaces, they are also designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Having the right cooker hood is essential in any modern kitchen. They help rid the air of smoke and unpleasant odours from cooking. 

With so many different models on the market, it can be hard to choose the best 60cm cooker hood for your needs. To make this task easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top 60cm cooker hoods available in 2023. We have taken into consideration factors such as performance, efficiency, noise levels, design and price. Let’s go!

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Top Three 60cm Cooker Hoods

Our Best 60cm Cooker Hood Picks

1) CIARRA CBCS6102 Touch Control 60cm Cooker Hood

CIARRA CBCS6102 Touch Control 60cm Cooker Hood
CIARRA CBCS6102 Touch Control 60cm Cooker Hood Other Angle

The CIARRA CBCS6102 is designed to be the perfect addition to any kitchen. It is made of strong materials with a stainless steel finish and comes with everything you need for efficient cooking, including three speed settings that control the powerful extraction rate of 650m3/h and touch controls for simple operation. You can easily mount this cooker hood onto your kitchen wall above the hob or cooker and extend it up to the ceiling if desired. There are two working modes in this cooker hood: recirculating type with carbon filters and ducting outside using an exhaust hose, so you can choose the most suitable method for your particular space. This 60cm cooker hood also features four extraction speeds for different cooking styles, allowing it to adapt to stewing, frying, simmering, and boiling whatever dish you’re preparing.

Key Features

  • Three speed settings for precise airflow control. 
  • Touch controls provide dependable operation 
  • Easy installation onto kitchen walls or ceilings (up to 45 cm). 
  • Two working modes: recirculating type with carbon filters; ducting outside using an exhaust hose. 
  • Four extraction speeds fit different cooking styles: stewing, frying, simmering, boiling.   
  • 650 m3/h powerful extraction rate keeps your kitchen clean while cooking. 
  • Stainless steel finish adds style and sophistication to your kitchen décor.


  • Brand: ‎CIARRA
  • Model: CBCS6102
  • Extraction Rate: 650 m³/h
  • Noise Level: 60dB
  • Power Usage: ‎85W
  • Weight: ‎11.7kg

2) CIARRA CBCS6201 60cm Cooker Hood

CIARRA CBCS6201 60cm Cooker Hood
CIARRA CBCS6102 Touch Control 60cm Cooker Hood Filter Angle

The CIARRA CBCS6201 is an A-class energy kitchen cooker hood designed to save up to 40% of power consumption compared to C-class models. It is the perfect size to fit over your typical-sized cooker and has 9-inch grease filters along with two pieces measuring 26×31 for a big extraction area.

This cooker hood features powerful suction capabilities to quickly refresh your kitchen during cooking hours. You can choose from three speed levels to meet your exact needs in the kitchen while also keeping noise levels minimal. The recirculation mode helps clean the air with carbon CBCF002X2 filters, so you don’t need external ducting. Lastly, you can easily remove smoke, odours, and grease from your kitchen using an exhaust pipe (included) for ventilation outside the house.

Key Features

  • A class energy-efficient design saves up to 40% of power 
  • Big extraction area due to 9 cm grease filters and 2 pieces 26×31 
  • Powerful suction capabilities for faster cleaning in the kitchen 
  • Three different speed settings for custom ventilation needs
  • Recirculation mode cleans the air with included carbon CBCF002X2 filters 
  • Easily remove smoke, odour and grease through the exhaust pipe (included)


  • Brand: CIARRA
  • Model: CBCS6201
  • Extraction Rate: 370 m³/h
  • Noise Level: ‎62dB
  • Power Usage: 70W
  • Weight: ‎7.2kg

3) COMFEE’ SLIF17SS-60 Visor Cooker Hood

COMFEE' SLIF17SS-60 Visor Cooker Hood
COMFEE' SLIF17SS-60 Visor Cooker Hood Other Angle

The COMFEE’ SLIF17SS-60 Visor Cooker Hood is the perfect solution for keeping your kitchen smelling fresh and clean. With a powerful suction of 180m3/h, it can quickly remove odours, grease, and steam from your kitchen environment. This top visor cooker hood also offers 3 different power settings so you can adjust the airflow to suit your needs. Its push-button operation and reliable material haptics provide an easy-to-use experience that suits both recirculation (cotton filter not included) and duct out types. The LED lighting gives you great visibility while you’re working in the kitchen, and its 20000 times service life ensures long-lasting use. This hood is 600×80×440mm in size, making it ideal for small kitchens.

Key Features

  • Powerful suction of 180m3/h removes odours, grease and steam efficiently 
  • 3 power settings for adjustable airflow 
  • Easy to use with push button operation 
  • Reliable material haptics 
  • Built-in LED light for improved visibility in the Kitchen 
  • 20000 times service life for long-lasting usage 
  • 600×80×440mm in size; suitable for small kitchens


  • Brand: COMFEE’
  • Model: ‎KWH-SLIF17SS-60
  • Extraction Rate: ‎200 m³/h
  • Noise Level: ‎62dB
  • Power Usage: ‎21 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
  • Weight: 47kg

4) Klarstein Lumio Primo Retro 60cm Cooker Hood

Klarstein Lumio Primo Retro Cooker Hood
Klarstein Lumio Primo Retro Cooker Hood Filter Angle

The Klarstein Lumio is the perfect choice for small to medium-sized kitchens, featuring three power levels to attract vapours and odours, ensuring a comfortable room climate for even long cooking sessions. Included is an aluminium dishwasher-safe grease filter that helps protect the removed air duct from contamination and ensures a long service life! Plus, two LED lights implanted in the bottom keep your kitchen bright while cooking. The brushed stainless steel railing adds a stylish touch to this cooker hood, while its easy wall mounting system makes installation simple. With 490 m³/h of exhaust air power, 65 dB of noise emission, and an energy efficiency rating of A+, you can rest assured that you will make an excellent purchase with the Lumio Primo Retro Cooker Hood.

Key Features

  • Easy wall mounting system
  • Comes with 3 power levels to keep your kitchen clean
  • It has a 65 dB noise emission
  • Exhaust air power 490 m³/h
  • LED light allows you to have a clear view
  • Aluminium grease filter for clean, clear air


  • Brand: Klarstein
  • Model: 10028133
  • Extraction Rate: 430 m³/h
  • Noise Level: ‎59dB
  • Power Usage: 20W
  • Weight: 8kg

5) Cookology VISOR600WH 60cm Visor Cooker Hood

Cookology VISOR600WH 60cm Visor Cooker Hood
Cookology VISOR600WH 60cm Visor Cooker Hood Filter Angle

The Cookology VISOR600WH 60cm Visor Cooker Hood is a stylish and efficient way to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen. This 60cm white cooker hood offers three speeds of air extraction, operated by simple push buttons. The included LED light provides enhanced visibility wherever you need it in the kitchen. Easily mount this cooker hood on the wall using the bracket provided, or affix it between cupboards. To vent outside, switch the lever so that air is directed to the back of the appliance, then remove the round metal cover for top venting. Alternatively, use an optional CF300 Carbon Filter Sheet (sold separately) to recirculate air out of vents at the front of the hood.

Key Features

  • Full 1-year Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Unbranded Appliance that makes your kitchen great
  • Comes with a standard halogen light
  • 3 Speed Settings as well as Reliable Push Buttons
  • 30-day return policy


  • Brand: Cookology
  • Model: VISOR600WH
  • Extraction Rate: 180 m³/h
  • Noise Level: 71dB
  • Power Usage: 41‎ Kilowatt Hours Per Year
  • Weight: 5kg

6) FIREGAS 60cm Cooker Hood with Carbon Filters

FIREGAS 60cm Cooker Hoods with Carbon Filters
FIREGAS 60cm Cooker Hoods

The FIREGAS 60cm Cooker Hood is designed to offer maximum comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency when cooking. With a powerful motor that produces 308 m³/h of air extraction, it can quickly absorb and filter out oil stink even at high speed. Plus, its ultra-quiet (63.5 dB) operation ensures a comfortable cooking experience.

The hood features a simple and sensitive 5-button control system with high, low, and medium-speed settings suitable for different cooking methods. The 2W LED lighting provides good visibility, while the 2-by-5-layer aluminium filter traps oil more effectively and can be easily dismantled and cleaned in the dishwasher.

It also features two options—external air pipe output or internal recirculation type—so you can select as per your needs. You can completely remove the smell of cooking from your home to create a cleaner environment.

Key Features

  • Strong Suction with 308 m³/h power
  • Double Suction methods pipe output type & internal recirculation type
  • Easy to use with easy 5-button control
  • Stainless steel hood for exceptional quality with a 2×5-layer aluminium filter
  • Easy to Install
  • Manufacturer Warranty ‎24 months limited


  • Brand: FIREGAS
  • Model: FGS-ESD06S60AC
  • Extraction Rate: 308 m³/h
  • Noise Level: ‎63.5dB
  • Power Usage: 65W
  • Weight: 6.6kg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best 60cm Cooker Hood?

We found the Best 60cm Cooker Hood to be the CIARRA CBCS6102. It is one of the most popular 60cm cooker hoods on the market, touch controls, four extraction speeds, extracts 650 m3/h, has a stainless steel finish, and more!

What size cooker hood do I need for a 60cm cooker?

The size of the cooker hood you need for a 60cm cooker depends on several factors such as the type of cooking you will be performing, how often you are using the hob and the type of cooker installed. For example, if you will be using your cooker to fry large quantities of food regularly you should purchase at least a 60cm – 70cm or a larger model hood. However, if your cooker is set in an open kitchen plan with good ventilation and your cooking uses largely moist ingredients such as pasta sauce then a 60cm hood should give you adequate coverage.

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