Best Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan of 2023

The Best Silent Extractor Fans sorted by decibels (dB).

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If you are anything like me, you HATE noise, and one of the noises I highly dislike is a noisy extractor fan. One of the problems with buying an extractor fan is you don’t know how noisy it is until it is installed! Therefore to combat this, I have put together this list of the best silent bathroom extractor fans, so that you can simply choose which one you want – with ease. Below is a quick glance at the top silent bathroom extractor fans, sorted into different categories.

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  1. QUIETEST FAN: Vent-Axia VASF100T
  3. CHEAPEST SILENT FAN: Airope Silenta 100

In order to create this post, I have looked at every single one of the quietest extractor fans I could find on the internet. Next, I trawled through their reviews and identified the best 8 silent fans online! What these all had in common was great reviews, a high review score, solid features, excellent specs, and a decent price point – and most importantly, they were all incredibly quiet fans. The silent bathroom extractor fans are ordered from the quietest to loudest – though all are under 30 decibels (at 3 metres), which is the standard for a quiet fan.

Top Three Silent Bathroom Extractor Fans

Our Best Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan Picks

1) Vent-Axia VASF100T Silent Extractor Fan

Vent-Axia VASF100T Silent Bathroom Fan
Vent-Axia VASF100T Silent Fan Sound Chart

Top of our list is the Vent-Axia VASF100T Silent Extractor fan, which is currently the quietest fan in the market – check out our full review. It provides a cool bathroom environment and, even better, this fan prevents cold air from entering your bathroom, especially during winter when you’ll need a warmer setting.

With the different types of modern building designs out there, the Vent-Axia VASF100T can fit in all of them and is suitable for bathrooms and toilets. It is also guarded against power surges and ensures it doesn’t blow in case of excess current. A High-efficiency motor and its 4-inch forward blade provide outstanding performance whenever needed.

In addition, this extractor fan comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind. 

Key Features

  • Noise Level from 12dB
  • The Quietest Intermittent fan available
  • Adjustable Overrun Timer
  • Extraction rate up to 21 litres per second (76m³/hr)
  • Building Regulations on Ventilation (F & L) compliant
  • IPX5 Rated
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Brand: Vent-Axia
  • Model: ‎VASF100T
  • Extraction Rate: Up to 21/s
  • Noise Level: from 12dB (A)
  • Power Usage: from 2.7W
  • Weight: 730g

2) Xpelair C4TS Simply Silent Extractor Fan with Timer

Xpelair C4TS Simply Silent Extractor Fan
Xpelair C4TS Simply Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan with Timer

The Xpelair C4TS is one of the quietest extractor fans on the market – check out our full review. It has a simple installation process, which enables it to be easily fitted onto walls, as well as ceilings and panels. It boasts Xpelair’s Ghost™ patented Air Movement Technology and is part of their Simply Silent™ range of near-silent extraction fans.

As well as being extremely quiet and being the quietest intermittent fan available, it features a built-in overrun timer, configurable from 30 seconds up to 30 minutes. It’s coloured in a sleek white finish, and the fascia is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

To top this off, the Xpelair C4TS Simply Silent Contour fan has two speeds, 15l/s and 21/s, allowing for customisation options to suit your application.

Key Features

  • Sound Level from 16dB
  • One of the quietest fans on the market
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Backdraft Flap
  • Adjustable Overrun Timer
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 29 litres per second (76m³/hr)
  • Building Regulations on Ventilation (F1) compliant
  • IPX4 Rated
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Brand: Xpelair
  • Model: C4TS
  • SFP: 0.45 / 0.37
  • Extraction Rate: 15 / 21 ltr/s (2-speed)
  • Decibels: 16 dB / 29 dB
  • Power Usage: 7W
  • Weight: 862g

3) Manrose MF100T In-duct Extractor Fan with Timer

Manrose MF100T Mixed-Flo Inline Extractor Fan
Manrose MF100T Mixed-Flo In-duct Extractor Fan

Next up is the Manrose MF100T In-duct Extractor fan – check out our full review. The Manrose MF100T is a powerful but quiet mixed-flow fan, that’s designed for applications that require higher airflows, with lower relative noise.

It boasts an impressive extraction rate of 68 litres per second (245 cubic metres per hour) making it the most powerful extractor fan on this list. The Manrose MF100T has a sound output of just 25 decibels at a 3-metre distance, has a power consumption of 25 W, and is ideal for fitting in any room where there is a constant need for air extraction.

It contains high-quality ball bearings and long-life motors, and comes with a minimum 3-year warranty. It achieves its high airflow through a flexible duct, and in addition to this, there are three running speeds to choose from. These are selectable via an internal dip switch.

Key Features

  • Sound Level: 24dB (A)
  • No electrics in the bathroom
  • Maximum Airflow Rate: 68 litres per second
  • Double Insulation – no earth required
  • Fully Building Code compliant
  • Fully BEAB approved rated to IPX4
  • 3-Year Warranty or 30,000 hours


  • Brand: Manrose
  • Model: MF100T
  • SFP Efficiency Rate: 0.37 / 0.37
  • Extraction Rate: 68 ltr/s
  • Noise Level: 24dB
  • Power Usage: 25W
  • Weight: 2kg

4) Blauberg Calm 100 Extractor Fan with Timer

Blauberg Calm 100 Low Noise Bathroom Extractor Fan
Blauberg Calm 100 Low Noise Bathroom Fan

At number 4 we have the Blauberg Calm 100 Low Noise Extractor fan. A stylish designer extractor fan suitable for fitting in both bathrooms and kitchens, the Blauberg Calm 100 is fitted with a unique mixed-flow impeller that ensures a high level of air extraction, without compromising on noise levels.

It boasts one of the highest air extraction rates for any 4″ axial fan, capable of extracting up to 97 cubic metres per hour. This model comes with an adjustable run-on timer, which can be set between 2 and 30 minutes after switching off.

The German-engineered design comes with anti-vibration mounts, which ensures that the fan runs exceptionally quietly.

Key Features

  • Available in lots of different colours
  • Very quiet, emitting just 25 decibels
  • An extraction rate of up to 27 litres per second 
  • Fitted with a backdraft shutter 
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty 
  • Consumes just 7.5 W of power 


  • Brand: Blauberg
  • Model: CALM 100T
  • Extraction Rate: 97 m3/h
  • Noise Level: 25dB
  • Power Usage: 7.5W
  • Weight: 660g

5) Vents Silenta Extractor Fan with Timer

Vents Silenta Bathroom Extractor Fan with Timer
Vents Silenta Bathroom Extractor Fan Back

The Vents Silenta Extractor fan is a near-silent, energy-efficient extractor fan that is finished in brilliant white with a contemporary design, suitable for fitting in most bath, shower, and wet rooms.

The fan and motor are specially designed to run extremely quietly, and it’s made from high-quality ABS thermoplastic material. This model comes with an adjustable run-on timer, which can be set between 2 and 30 minutes after switching off. It’s highly economical in terms of power consumption, using just 7 W to run.

As per the other extractor fans in the Vents Silent family, the Silenta comes with a back draught shutter as standard, as well as with a 5-year warranty.

Key Features

  • Sound Level: 26dB (A)
  • Simple installation
  • Extraction Airflow Rate: 78 m3/hr
  • Long-life 240v saving motor
  • Meets building regulations
  • 5-Year Warranty


  • Brand: Vents
  • Model: 100-SILENTA-MTK
  • Extraction Rate: 78 m3/hr
  • Noise Level: 26 dB
  • Power Usage: from 5.5W
  • Weight: 600g

6) Envirovent SIL100T Silent Extractor Fan with Timer

Envirovent SIL100t Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan
Envirovent SIL100T Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan Colour Options

The Envirovent Silent 100t is an innovative 100mm domestic axial powerful extractor fan, designed for solving ventilation problems in bathrooms and WCs. Check out our full review.

The SIL100T features an adjustable run-on timer, and is fitted with motors mounted on elastic silent blocks. This enables the fan to deliver exceptional performance whilst running incredibly quietly – so much so that it won a Quiet Mark award in 2013. It’s finished in a sleek white, and also comes in silver. This silent fan benefits from an adjustable 1 to 30-minute overrun timer.

The Envirovent SIL100T can be fitted onto walls, windows, or ceilings. It comes fitted with a pilot light, backdraught shutter, and airflow guide vanes as standard. The fan is made from ABS material, and can operate efficiently in temperatures up to 40 degrees C.

Key Features

  • Sound Level: 26.5dB (A)
  • Extraction Flow Rate: 26 litres per second (96m³/hr)
  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Backdraft Flap
  • Adjustable Overrun Timer
  • Install in any bathroom zone
  • IP45 Rated
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Brand: Envirovent
  • Model: SIL100T
  • Extraction Rate: 96m³/hr
  • Noise Level: from 26.5 dB
  • Power Usage: from 12W
  • Weight: 1.46kg

7) Airope Silenta 100 Low Noise Extractor Fan

Airope Silenta 100 Low Noise Bathroom Extractor Fan
Airope Silenta 100 Quiet Bathroom Fan

The Airope Silenta 100 is another extractor fan that benefits from near-silent operation. It also benefits from fly screen mesh, which protects against any unsuspecting insects that are likely to filter through the ventilation holes.

It has a non-return valve, ensuring outside air intake is prevented and avoids air recirculation when turning off the fan. The French-manufactured Airope Silenta is also highly energy efficient, with a power consumption of just 7 W, thanks to its long-life and energy-saving motor.

The fan is made from durable ABS material and comes with a standard 5 year warranty. It is ideal for installation in bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens.

Key Features

  • Sound Level: 26dB (A)
  • Easy to install
  • Extraction Rate: 78 m3/hr
  • Long-life 230v saving motor
  • Complies with building regulations
  • 5-Year Warranty


  • Brand: Airope
  • Model: ‎Silenta 100
  • Extraction Rate: 78 m3/hr
  • Noise Level: 26dB
  • Power Usage: 7W
  • Weight: 530g

8) Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor Fan with Timer

Manrose QF100T Quiet Bathroom Fan
Manrose QF100T Quiet Bathroom Extractor Fan

The Manrose Quiet Fan 100T is proclaimed to be one of the latest domestic extractor fans that incorporates a higher extraction rate than most, whilst also simultaneously producing an extremely low volume sound while extracting. It is the ideal choice for bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets, designed for wall or/and ceiling mounting.

The Manrose QF100T fan includes a turning vane system, found in the spigot, designed to improve performance by maintaining a consistently high output. With a noise level of just 27db, Manrose claim that this is a reduction of over 60% when compared to comparison to standard 100mm (4″) domestic fans. Check out our full review.

Key Features

  • Sound Level: 27dB
  • SFP: 0.24W/l/s
  • Airflow Rate: 21 litres per second
  • Features integral backdraught shutters
  • Complies with both Part F & L
  • Unique turning vane technology
  • 3-Year Warranty or 30,000 hours


  • Brand: Manrose
  • Model: QF100T
  • SFP Efficiency Rate: 0.24
  • Extraction Rate: 21 ltr/s
  • Decibels: 27 dB
  • Power Usage: 4.8W
  • Weight: 680g

Benefits of Quieter Bathroom Fans

Quiet bathroom extractor fans offer several benefits that contribute to a more comfortable and peaceful bathroom environment.

Here are some of the advantages:

Quiet operation: The primary benefit of silent bathroom extractor fans is their quiet operation. They are specifically designed to operate at low noise levels, minimizing disturbances and creating a tranquil atmosphere in the bathroom – which in my opinion is very important! This is particularly key for sensitive individuals, light sleepers, or bathrooms located near bedrooms.

Enhanced relaxation: The absence of loud noise from the extractor fan allows for a more peaceful and relaxing bathing experience. Whether you enjoy taking long showers or unwinding in the bathtub, a silent extractor fan ensures that the soothing ambience is not disrupted by noise.

Improved privacy: In shared living spaces or bathrooms located close to common areas, silent extractor fans help maintain privacy. They prevent conversations or bathroom noises from being overheard, ensuring a discreet and private environment.

Unobtrusive design: Silent extractor fans are often designed with a sleek and unobtrusive appearance. They seamlessly blend into the bathroom decor and do not draw attention to themselves. This allows for a clean and aesthetically pleasing bathroom space.

Efficient air extraction: While silent, these fans still provide effective air extraction capabilities. They efficiently remove moisture, odours, and pollutants from the bathroom, ensuring good ventilation and maintaining a fresh and clean environment.

Energy efficiency: Many silent extractor fans are designed to be energy-efficient. They consume minimal power while still providing excellent airflow and extraction performance. This not only helps reduce electricity costs but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

Ease of installation: Silent bathroom extractor fans are typically straightforward to install, making them a convenient choice for both new construction and retrofitting projects. Many models come with user-friendly installation instructions and require minimal maintenance.

When selecting a quieter bathroom extractor fan, consider factors such as extraction rate, size, and specific features to ensure it meets the ventilation needs of your bathroom – not just that it is quiet! Consulting with professionals or experts can help you choose the right fan that balances silent operation with efficient performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best silent extractor fan?

We found the best silent bathroom extractor fan to be the Vent-Axia VASF100T. It is one of the most popular silent extractor fans on the market, runs quietly at just 12dB, has a 2-year warranty, features an adjustable run-on timer, and more!

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What is the quietest bathroom extractor?

Based on the decibel noise level, the quietest bathroom extractor fan is the Vent-Axia VASF100T. It has a noise level of just 12dB – making it one of the quietest bathroom fans on the market currently.

Can a bathroom fan be silent?

Yes, it is possible for a bathroom fan to be silent. Many modern bathroom fans are designed to operate quietly, with specially designed motors and blades that reduce noise. Additionally, some fans come with features like sound-dampening technology or insulated ducts to further reduce noise. If you are looking for a silent bathroom fan, it is important to look for models that specifically advertise themselves as being quiet or noise-reducing.

Can you get silent bathroom extractor fans?

Yes, you can get silent bathroom extractor fans. These fans are designed to operate quietly while still effectively removing moisture and odors from the bathroom. They are a great option for those who want to maintain a peaceful and relaxing bathroom environment. Silent bathroom extractor fans are available in a range of styles and sizes to suit different bathroom layouts and ventilation needs. When choosing a silent fan, it is important to consider factors such as noise level, airflow capacity, and energy efficiency to ensure you get the best product for your needs.

What is the noise level of a silent extractor fan?

The noise level of a silent extractor fan is typically very low, usually around 20-30 decibels. This is because silent extractor fans are specifically designed to operate quietly, without causing any disturbance to the user. These fans are ideal for use in areas where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum, such as bedrooms, libraries, and offices. By using a silent extractor fan, you can enjoy the benefits of improved air quality without having to put up with any annoying noise.

Why is my bathroom extractor fan so noisy?

A noisy bathroom extractor fan can be frustrating and disruptive, especially if you’re trying to relax in the bath or get ready for bed. There are several reasons why your fan may be making noise, including a loose or damaged fan blade, a buildup of dirt or debris, or a malfunctioning motor. It’s important to address the issue as soon as possible, as a noisy fan can also be a sign of a more serious problem. A professional electrician or HVAC technician can help diagnose and repair the issue, ensuring that your bathroom stays quiet and comfortable.

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That concludes are guide on our pick of the 8 best silent bathroom extractor fans. While we have picked the Vent-Axia VASF100T as the best quiet fan, all of the silent fans on this list are great fans with lots of great features – and a noise output of under 30dB(A).

As you may have noticed, as well as the top 8, we also ordered the silent bathroom fans into most popular, cheapest, quietest etc. This was because it can still be fairly difficult to pick the right one even when they are shortlisted to just eight. It is about picking the right quiet fan for your needs. With that said, I own the Vent-Axia VASF100T quite simply because it has a super lower sound output of just 12dB!

However keep in mind that, lower decibels means lower power and therefore a lower extraction rate. Most of the lower decibel fans are not the best for more humid enviroments, that require a larger extraction rate.

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