The Best Inline Extractor Fan of 2023

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Since you have found this page, you will likely know how great inline fans are. They are usually fairly quiet since they are in the loft or an empty space above the bathroom, and they are also quite powerful fans, making them a great choice for plumbers, installers or/and (qualified) DIY’ers alike.

With that said, finding the best inline extractor fan will depend on your individual requirements. Are you buying on a budget? Do you need a very powerful fan for your high-humidity bathroom? Maybe you want the quietest fan ever? Not to worry we have you covered! To save you time, here are four of the top inline extractor fans in each of our vetted categories.

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  2. CHEAPEST INLINE FAN: Airflow Aventa AV100T
  3. QUIETEST INLINE FAN: Envirovent SILMV160/100T

In order to create this post, I have looked at every single inline fan I could find online. Next, I trawled through their reviews and identified the best 6 inline fans on the internet! What these all had in common was great reviews, a high review score, solid features, excellent specs, and a decent price point.

Three Top Inline Extractor Fans

Our Best Inline Extractor Fan Picks

1) Manrose MF100T In-duct Extractor Fan with Timer

Manrose MF100T Mixed-Flo Inline Fan
Manrose MF100T Mixed-Flo Inline Extractor Fan

First up, and top of our list, is the Manrose MF100T In-duct Extractor fan – check out our full review. The Manrose MF100T is a strong mixed-flow fan, that’s designed to produce higher working pressures for applications that require high air flows, with low relative noise.

This particular model comes with a built-in run-on timer, designed to be operated with the room light. Switching on the light triggers the fan to start, and when the light is turned off, the fan will continue to run for the pre-set time, though this is adjustable.

It contains high-quality ball bearings and long-life motors, and comes with a minimum 3-year warranty. It achieves its high airflow through a flexible duct, and in addition to this, there are three running speeds to choose from. These are selectable via an internal dip switch.

It boasts an impressive extraction rate of 68 litres per second, or 245 cubic metres per hour. Though it has relatively high power consumption, it’s an extremely powerful fan, and it is also very quiet. The Manrose MF100T has a sound output of just 25 decibels at a 3-metre distance, has a power consumption of 25 W, and is ideal for fitting in any room where there is a constant need for air extraction. In my opinion, this is the best 4 inch inline extractor fan with timer and you can’t go wrong.

Key Features

  • Maximum Sound Level: 24dB
  • No electrics in the bathroom as in the loft above
  • SFP: 0.37W/l/s
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 68 litres per second
  • Double Insulation – no earth required
  • Fully Building Code compliant
  • Fully BEAB approved rated to IPX4


  • Brand: Manrose
  • Model: MF100T
  • SFP Efficiency Rate: 0.37 / 0.37
  • Extraction Rate: 68 ltr/s
  • Noise Level: 24dB
  • Power Usage: 25W
  • Weight: 2kg

2) Fantronix Inline Extractor Fan with Timer

Fantronix FTX-TUBE-100-T Inline Extractor Fan with Overrun Timer
Fantronix FTX-TUBE-100-T Inline Extractor Fan

This high-power extractor fan is suited for fitting in solid or flexible ducting. It’s another one that’s designed for ventilation of applications requiring higher, more powerful airflow. Ideal locations for fitting include toilets, bathrooms, sheds, and workshops.

The TUBE-100-T has an extraction rate of 3116 litres per minute, or 187 cubic metres per hour. It runs on a 33W motor, has an impressive RPM of between 2180 – 2385, and maintains a 36-decibel sound level (at a 3-metre distance). It contains an adjustable run-on timer, which can be set from 2 to 30 minutes after switching off.

This fan has a remarkably high-temperature range, capable of running at up to 60 degrees C. The removable impeller and Blauberg motor block with a terminal box are fixed to the casing assembled with the spigots by special clamps with latches. Lastly, it comes with a warranty of 2 years for peace of mind.

Key Features

  • Provides high-performance thanks to axial and centrifugal fan technology
  • The casing is made of high-quality durable plastic
  • The mounting box may be installed in any position
  • The fan maintenance does not require total disassembling
  • Adjustable Overrun Timer (2 – 30 minutes)


  • Brand: Fantronix
  • Model: ‎FTX-TUBE-100-T
  • Extraction Rate: Up to 187 m3/hour
  • Noise Level: from 21dB (A)
  • Power Usage: from 21W
  • Weight: 1.4kg

3) Airflow 100T AV100T Aventa Inline Fan

Airflow Aventa 100T Inline Extractor Fan
Airflow Aventa AV100T Inline Extractor Fan

This is a quiet, yet powerful, mixed-flow fan that is designed for ducted installations. It’s suitable for removing damp, moist air from bathrooms, en-suites, shower rooms, and other indoor living spaces without windows or natural ventilation.

It operates at high pressure, capable of extracting up to 88 litres per second – or 187 cubic metres per hour – whilst emitting minimal noise. The fan operates at two selectable speeds, and this model is fitted with an adjustable overrun timer. The unique thing about this fan is that it runs with two four-blade fans in series, thus doubling the pressure and enabling stronger air extraction.

In terms of power consumption, the AV100T runs at approximately 21W. It runs quietly, emitting a noise level of just 27 decibels at a 3-metre distance. The fan comes with a 3-year no-quibble guarantee on purchase and has the added benefit of being fuss-free and simple to install.

Key Features

  • Has two Speeds: 40/52 l/sec
  • Designed For Ducted Installations
  • High-Pressure and Low Noise
  • Easy Access To Impeller For Maintenance
  • Adjustable Overrun Timer
  • 3-Year Warranty


  • Brand: Airflow
  • Model: AV100T
  • Extraction Rate: upto 52 ltr/s
  • Noise Level: from 27dB
  • Power Usage: 21W
  • Weight: 1.5kg

4) VENTS TT 100 Mixed Flow Inline Extractor Fan

VENTS TT 100 Mixed Flow Inline Extractor Fan
VENTS TT 100 Inline Extractor Fan

Another strong, yet soft-sounding, mixed flow fan for use with up to 6 metres ducting. It contains high-performing axial and centrifugal fans technology and is specifically designed for ventilating areas that require high pressure and powerful airflow extraction. It works well for not only bathrooms and kitchens, but also flats, cottages, shops and cafes alike.

The fan has a 2-speed operation and this model comes with an adjustable run-on timer, which can be set from 2 to 30 minutes after switching off. In terms of extraction rate, it has a maximum capacity of 187 cubic metres per hour. To run, the TT-100-T consumes 21W of power and emits a noise level of 27 decibels at a 3-metres.

The sealed-for-life ball bearings within this fan extend the motor service life up to 40,000 hours at non-stop operation, and the motor itself has thermal overheating protection to prevent overload. The product’s only drawback is that it doesn’t have a warranty that extends beyond the statutory right of return period.

Key Features

  • Quiet and powerful mixed flow fan
  • For use with up to 6m ducting
  • 2-speed operation with adjustable timer models
  • High performance up to 187 m3/hr
  • Thermally protected motor
  • Mounting bracket supplied
  • Warranty of 40,000 hours


  • Brand: VENTS
  • Model: ‎VU-TT-100-T_SML
  • Extraction Rate: up to 57 ltr/s
  • Noise Level: from 27dB
  • Power Usage: 21W
  • Weight: 1.45kg

5) Black Orchid BO-HF Hybrid Flo In Line Extractor Fan

Black Orchid BO-HF Hybrid Flo In Line Extractor Fan
Black Orchid BO-HF In Line Extractor Fan

The Black Orchid BO-HF Hybrid Flo Extractor fan is one of my favourite inline fans because it comes in such a sleek finish! This fan is unique in that it uses a special “Hybrid-flo” to operate, which combines axial, mixed flow, and centrifugal fan technology. When combined, this results in a much larger, more powerful air extraction. It is designed for use in small rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens, but can also be used in tents.

Though the fan emits a sound level of only 27 decibels at 3 metres, this can be further reduced by simply using it with a carbon filter in place. The BO-HF-100 is capable of extracting an impressive 68 litres per second, or 245 cubic metres per hour. Unlike the other fans here, this particular model does not feature an adjustable run-on timer, but comes with a 3-pin plug and so can be portable if required.

Also fitted with a Blauberg motor and long-life ball bearings, the fan has a service life of over 40,000 hours of continuous operation. It features a 2-speed switch, enabling the user to select high or low speed. It also comes with the added benefit of an unbeatable Five-Year Black Orchid warranty.

Key Features

  • Up to 245 M3/hour extraction rate
  • Fitted with German Blauberg motor
  • 2-speed and off selector
  • Hybrid-flo technology
  • Long-life ball bearing motors and thermal protection to prevent motor burnout
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • Brand: Black Orchid
  • Model: ‎BO-HF-100-UK
  • Extraction Rate: up to 245 m3/h
  • Noise Level: from 27dB
  • Power Usage: 25W
  • Weight: 2.15kg

6) Envirovent SILMV160/100T In-Line Extractor Fan

Envirovent SILMV160 100T In-Line Silent Extractor Fan
Envirovent SILMV160 100T In-Line Extractor Fan

Referred to by Envirovent themselves as the “world’s most silent inline fan range in their class”, the Envirovent SILMV160T is the result of significant technological and economic investment to create an extractor fan that delivers high performance with near-silent running.

It is designed to be used for rooms where residual noise from ventilation is undesired, such as offices, spas, recording studios, or even domestic installations.

The fan is fitted on special elastic silent blocks, and it has a perforated design which directs sound waves into a layer of sound-absorbent material, to further reduce noise emission. It produces a sound level of 24 decibels at 3 metres, and has an extraction rate of 69 litres per second, or 180 cubic metres per hour. It comes with an adjustable run-on timer, and the shut-off time can be delayed between 1 and 30 minutes. Like the Black Orchid BO-HF-100, the Envirovent SILMV100T comes with the added reassurance of a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Key Features

  • Ball Bearings are sealed for life
  • The quietest inline fan
  • High performance with up to 180 m3/hr
  • Adjustable Overrun Timer
  • 5-year guarantee


  • Brand: Envirovent
  • Model: SILMV160/100T
  • Extraction Rate: 180 m3/hr
  • Noise Level: from 26.5 dB
  • Power Usage: from 12W
  • Weight: 1.46kg

Benefits of Inline Extractor Fans

Inline extractor fans offer several benefits in ventilation systems. Here are some of the key advantages:

Space-saving design: Inline extractor fans are installed using a ducting system, which means they don’t take up valuable space in the room. This makes them an ideal choice for situations where space is limited or aesthetics are a concern.

Efficient ventilation: Inline fans are known for their high-performance ventilation capabilities. They can effectively extract stale air, moisture, odors, and pollutants from the room, ensuring better air quality and a healthier environment.

Noise reduction: Placing the fan inline within the ducting helps to minimize noise transmission into the room. This is especially beneficial in areas where noise control is important, such as bedrooms, libraries, or offices.

Flexibility and customization: Inline extractor fans can be easily integrated into existing or new ducting systems. They offer flexibility in terms of installation location, allowing for optimal positioning to achieve the desired airflow and ventilation efficiency.

Energy efficiency: Many inline extractor fans are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming less power while delivering high-performance ventilation. This can result in energy savings and reduced operating costs over time.

Duct length optimization: By placing the fan inline, it becomes easier to optimize the length and layout of the ducting system. This can help minimize pressure drops, improve airflow distribution, and enhance overall system efficiency.

Remote operation: Some inline extractor fans come with remote control options, allowing convenient operation from a distance. This is particularly useful in hard-to-reach areas or situations where manual control is impractical.

It’s important to keep in mind that depending on the type, brand, and application, the precise advantages and characteristics of inline extractor fans may change. Therefore, it is advised to take into account your unique ventilation needs and speak with manufacturers or experts to select the best inline extractor fan for your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best inline extractor fan?

We found the best inline bathroom extractor fan to be the Manrose MF100T In-duct Extractor Fan. It is one of the most popular inline extractor fans on the market, runs quietly at just 24dB, has a 3-year warranty, features a run-on timer, and more!

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Are inline extractors better?

Inline fans are quite a bit more powerful than standard axial extractor fans. They are also better because they remove the need to have any electrics in the bathroom, but you will need to have empty or loft space above your bathroom to be able to install an inline fan. It will ultimately depend on what you require at home.

What is the quietest inline fan?

The quietest inline fan on our list is the Fantronix Inline Extractor Fan with Timer. This great inline fan has a Noise Level of just 21dB, making it the quietest inline extractor fan on our list.

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Are inline duct fans worth it?

Inline duct fans can cost between £30 to £70 which is a small price to pay to get solid extraction in your bathroom. They are fairly quiet and dependable making them a great choice.

What is the most powerful inline extractor fan for a bathroom?

The most powerful inline extractor fan for a bathroom is the Manrose MF100T. It has a massive extraction rate of 245 m3/hr making it one of the most powerful 4-inch bathroom fans available. There are some other extraction fans with the same or similar extraction rates but they are nowhere near as popular, making the MF100T truly deserving of this top spot.

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And there you have it. 6 of our best in line extractor fans. While we have picked the MF100T as our top inline fan, all of the best inline fans on this list are great fans with lots of great features. As you may have noticed, as well as the top 6, we also ordered them into most popular, cheapest, quietest etc. This was because it can still be fairly difficult to pick the right one even when they are shortlisted to just six. It is about picking the right inline fan for your needs. 

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