Vent-Axia VASF100T Review

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  • Easy installation.
  • Extremely quiet at just 12dB (on low speed).
  • Vent-Axia offers a 2-year warranty.
  • Features two modes for speed.
  • Comes with an adjustable overrun timer.


  • While the low-speed mode is very quiet, it also has a low extraction rate.


The Vent-Axia VASF100T is one of the quietest fans currently in the market. It provides a cool bathroom environment and, even better, this fan prevents cold air from entering your bathroom, especially during winter when you’ll need a warmer setting.

With the different types of modern building designs out there, the Vent-Axia VASF100T can fit in all of them and is suitable for bathrooms and toilets. It is also guarded against power surges and ensures it doesn’t blow in case of excess current. A High-efficiency motor and its 4-inch forward blade provide outstanding performance whenever needed.

In addition, this extractor fan comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind. Next for our review, we will now get into all the different features of this great fan.

Main Features

  • Our Rating: 8.8/10
  • Minimum Sound Level: 12dB
  • Maximum Sound Level: 28dB
  • The Quietest Intermittent fan available
  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Backdraft Flap
  • Adjustable Overrun Timer
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 21 litres per second (76m³/hr)
  • Double Insulation – no earth required
  • Building Regulations on Ventilation (F & L) compliant
  • IPX5 Rated
  • 2 Year Warranty

Extraction Rate

The Vent-Axia Silent Fan VASF100T exhibits two different extraction rates depending on the speed setting selected. It can extract 73 cubic meters per hour (15 litres per second) when on high speed and 54 cubic meters per hour (21 litres per second) when on low speed. This feature comes in handy when you want to remove humidity build-up in your bathroom.

The great thing about having two extraction rates means you can adjust it for your application. You can opt for the lower extraction rate setting if you are installing in your toilet or opt for the higher extraction rate setting if you are installing in your bathroom.

Power Consumption

Like the extraction rate, the Vent-Axia Silent Fan also consumes power differently, depending on the speed at which it is running. For instance, when you want humidity driven out of your bathroom at high speed, you run the fan at high speed, which means it will use more power and, in this case, it will use 4.8 watts.

The same case applies when running it at low speed. It uses significantly less power, amounting to 2.7 watts. 

Noise Level

Integrated ultra-low sound technology ensures a maximum reduction in noise level. The VASF100T is one of the quietest extractors currently in the market, producing 26 dB (A) when on high speed and very low 14 dB (A) when on low speed.

As a result, it provides maximum ventilation with almost no noise in your bathroom, without a change in quality, providing other people with a relaxed environment with no-noise disturbance.

Vent-Axia VASF100T Sound Level Comparison Diagram


The Vent-Axia VASF100F is not only the quietest fan but also the most stylish. It offers unique features and several model options for the flexibility and choices of the electrician and households. The Vent-Axia VASF100T Silent Fan series comes with an IPX5 rating, meaning you can use them close to baths and showers, speed moderation, and options for humidity regulations. These excellent features ensure you can set the fan according to your taste and preference. 

Not only is it a perfect match for your toilets and bathroom, but it also complies with construction and building regulations and integrates well with low-energy lighting. For this reason, electricians and technicians can install it on either wall, ceilings, panels, or windows.

Being made of strong ABS plastic, this will ensure it is, durable, and long-lasting. It is mechanically stable and sturdy, while also have a great low profile appearance. 

The Vent-Axia VASF100F has a fairly simple installation process. However, it is always recommended that a qualified electrician carries out the install. 

Overrun Timer

The VASF100T comes complete with an overrun timer that is adjustable between five to thirty minutes. 

In order to configure the timer, you need to first remove the wiring cover. Ensure that the power is turned off first! Next, you’ll need to insert a small flat-headed screwdriver and gently twist anti-clockwise to increase the time, and clockwise to reduce it. Customers have said it is pretty sensitive, so take care when setting it.

Vent-Axia Silent Fan Overrun Timer Adjustment


The Silent Fan by Vent-Axia comes with a 2-year warranty, which is fairly standard. Details of their warranty can be found at the bottom of the Instruction Manual. Make sure you check out their help section if you have any issues after you purchase.

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Vent-Axia Silent Fan VASF100F Instruction Manual

You can download the Vent-Axia VASF100F Extractor Fan Instruction Manual here.

You can also download the Vent-Axia VASF100F Datasheet here.

What’s Included in the box?

  • 1 x VASF100F Fan
  • 1 x Instruction User Manual

Pros and Cons

  • Easy installation.
  • Extremely quiet at just 12dB (on low speed).
  • Vent-Axia offers a 2-year warranty.
  • Features two modes for speed.
  • Comes with a configurable overrun timer
  • While the low-speed mode is very quiet, it also has a low extraction rate.

Verdict: Should You Buy The VASF100T?

And that concludes this review! If you’re after a super quiet extractor fan that can be adapted for either your bathroom or toilet then you should definitely consider this fan.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing this fan is, that while the low-speed mode is very quiet and uses less power, it also extracts less airflow.

If you think you’ll need a more powerful Vent-Axia extractor fan, you should check out our full Vent-Axia ACM100T review.

Vent-Axia Silent Fan VASF100T Review

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