Vent-Axia ACM100T Review

Vent-Axia ACM100T Review




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  • Runs quietly at 23dB
  • Good extraction rate
  • 2-year warranty
  • Simple installation
  • Features run-on timer


  • One customer review mentioned that the fixtures are now slightly different from older versions of this model.


The Vent-Axia ACM100T is a premium quality, top inline extractor fan designed with comfort and efficiency in mind. With its two-speed selectable motor, this essential household item is claimed to be the quietest extractor fan on the market – with a noise level of 23db. Its unique ‘mixed-flow’ impeller design not only allows it to develop higher air pressures but also allows it to push air along very long duct runs up to 10 metres.

It features an overrun timer that one can set right during installation between 6 to 25 minutes, meant to ensure your bathroom is free of steam after bathing. The overrun timer operates the fan in an incremental manner such that the longer periods are in the bathroom, the longer time it takes to remove steam.

Ideal for installation above bathrooms, even in tight loft spaces or ceiling voids, this model features an IP44 rating for added safety and durability. The aesthetically pleasing polymer casing design is easy to clean and maintain. With its two speed motor settings, the extraction rate can reach 220m3/hr – making it suitable for larger rooms too.

Main Features

  • Two-speed selectable motor
  • Supplied Complete for Installation
  • Claimed to be the quietest on the market
  • Noise level of 23db
  • Can operate in both horizontal and vertical positions.
  • Standard Thermal Overload Protection
  • Vent Axia brand name quality assurance
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Extraction rate of 220m3/hr
  • Removable motor core
  • Rotating motor chassis

Extraction Rate

The ACM100T has an extraction rate of 220 cubic meters per hour, reaching up to over 300 cubic meters per hour on High mode. Due to this, this fan can be ducted on runs of up to 10m.

There are two different configurable speeds High and Low, each with varying RPM, Wattage, dB etc, as indicated in the table below. The speed of this fan is set using a jumper and pins found directly under the cover.

Power Consumption

This in-line fan runs between 1,670 RPM to 2,200 RPM and the motor runs at a maximum consumption of 23 Watts, depending on the setting you go for (see table below). Although the wattage may seem higher than some other models on the market, you have to remember that this is a very powerful fan.

Noise Level

The Vent-Axia ACM100T runs at a low noise level of just 23dB at 3 metres on the “High” setting and just 20dB at 3 metres on the “Low” setting. This is incredibly quiet, especially when this is one of the most powerful extractor fans currently.


This extractor fan was manufactured from top-quality ABS thermoplastics, selected for their long-lasting durability. This will ensure that the ACM100T will work for a very long time. The chassis is rotatable which is super light and compact, making this inline fan perfect for installing above your bathroom, in a loft cavity or your attic.

Overrun Timer

As the “T” in the name indicates, the Vent-Axia ACM100T is fitted with an adjustable run-on timer from 6-25 minutes at installation. In order to configure it, you need to remove the cover. You then need to gently turn the potentiometer until you are happy with the time you have set. Take care when doing it as it is very sensitive – a small twist will greatly affect the timing set.


Speaking to the warranty, the Vent-Axia ACM100T, along with the other models, come complete with a two-year warranty, in addition to the statutory right of return. The company has a friendly customer service team to assist with warranty, fault, and repair enquiries over the phone.

Vent-Axia ACM100T Reviews

The Vent-Axia ACM100T has been reviewed thousands of times by verified customers that have provided genuine feedback. Click below to read the verified customer reviews in order to make an informed decision.

Vent-Axia ACM100T Instruction Manual

You can download the Vent-Axia ACM100T Extractor Fan Instruction Manual here.

You can also download the Vent-Axia ACM100T Datasheet here.

What’s Included in the box?

  • 1 x ACM100T Fan
  • 1 x Instruction User Manual

Pros and Cons

  • Runs extremely quietly at just 23dB
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Has a good extraction rate
  • Simple installation
  • Covered by a two-year warranty
  • Some customer reviews advise that the fixtures are now slightly different from older versions of this model.

Verdict: Should You Buy The ACM100T?

The Vent-Axia ACM100T is certainly a great buy – it’s one of the most popular inline extractor fans for a reason. The quiet running volume, as well as the excellent extraction rate of 220m3/h, make it a purchase that’s well worth it.

One only small downside is that it only features two speed options, whereas other models, like the Manrose MF100T, have three speed modes to choose from. Additionally, it is a little more expensive than other models too, though for a fan to have both a great extraction rate and noise output, you really do get what you pay for.

Apart from that, there is little to stop anyone getting this excellent fan. For more great inline fans, check out our review of the Best Inline Extractor Fans on the market.

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Vent-Axia ACM100T Review

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