Envirovent Silent 100t Review

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  • Runs quietly
  • Decent extraction rate
  • Envirovent provides a 5-year warranty.
  • Energy efficient
  • Features an adjustable run-on timer.


  • Some customer reviews advise that the cover of the fan needs removing every few months for effective cleaning to maintain optimal performance


The Envirovent Silent 100t is an innovative 100mm domestic axial powerful extractor fan, designed for solving ventilation problems in bathrooms and WCs. It is part of Envirovent’s range of 100mm domestic axial extract fans.

The SIL100T features an adjustable run-on timer, and is fitted with motors mounted on elastic silent blocks. This enables the fan to deliver exceptional performance whilst running incredibly quietly – so much so that it won a Quiet Mark award in 2013. It’s finished in white, possesses stylish features, and benefits from an adjustable 1 to 30-minute overrun timer.

The Envirovent SIL100T can be fitted onto walls, windows, or ceilings. It comes fitted with a pilot light, backdraught shutter, and airflow guide vanes as standard. The fan is made from ABS material and can operate efficiently in temperatures up to 40 degrees C.

Main Features

  • Our Rating: 8.8/10
  • Sound Level: 26.5dB (A)
  • Very quiet
  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Backdraft Flap
  • Adjustable Overrun Timer
  • Install in any bathroom zone
  • Extraction Flow Rate: 26 litres per second (96m³/hr)
  • IP45 Rated
  • 5 Year Warranty

Extraction Rate

In addition to operating quietly, the Envirovent Silent 100T is a moderately powerful fan. It boasts an impressive extraction rate of 26 litres per second or 95 cubic metres per hour. It runs at a speed of 2400 rotations per minute; this is one of the highest extraction rates for any 4-inch axial fan. This exceptional performance is facilitated by the fan’s fitted pilot light, backdraught shutter, and airflow guide vanes.

Power Consumption

This fan is CE approved, and has a power consumption rate of 8 watts (W). Most extractor fans consume between 5 – 36W worth of power when used; this makes the SIL100T highly energy efficient. The product is IP45 rated and runs off of the mains at between 230/240 V AC. To operate with the timer functionality, the fan requires a permanent live, switched live, and neutral connection (3 wires + earth) at the fan position. Therefore, three connections are required for the unit to fully operate.

Noise Level

As a 2013 Quiet Mark award winner, the SIL100T is notable for its exceptionally quiet operation. The fan’s motor is mounted onto elastic silent blocks, enabling it to perform at full power with near-silent running. A key point of many customer reviews from across the web mention this feature as one of the main motivations for purchasing the product. When standing close to the fan during operation, the sound is audible, but not loud – its sound output measures 26.5 decibels at a distance of 3 metres.


The fan also benefits from being quite compact. The duct measures 100mm in diameter and the exterior dimensions measure 158 x 158mm, with an interior (non-visible) depth of 109.3mm. It is made from ABS thermoplastic material and finished in white gloss, though it is also available with a silver chrome finish. It has some notable build features: it’s fitted with a pilot light, as well as backdraught shutters and airflow guide vanes as standard. This adds to the fan’s overall performance, without compromising on design.

Envirovent Silent 100t Colour Options

Overrun Timer

The Envirovent Silent-100T is fitted with an adjustable run-on timer. When running in automatic mode, the over-run timer calculates the amount of time to operate, depending on how long the fan has been running. This feature further adds to the product’s energy efficiency level and provides peace of mind, as it turns off automatically.


Speaking of peace of mind, the Envirovent SIL100T, along with the other models in the silent range, comes with a five-year warranty, in addition to the statutory right of return. The company has a friendly customer service team to assist with warranty, fault, and repair enquiries over the phone.

Envirovent Silent 100t Reviews

The Envirovent Silent 100t has been reviewed thousands of times by verified customers that have provided genuine feedback. Click below to read the verified customer reviews in order to make an informed decision.

Envirovent Silent 100t Instruction Manual

You can download the Envirovent Silent 100t Extractor Fan Instruction Manual here.

You can also download the Envirovent Silent 100t Datasheet here.

What’s Included in the box?

  • 1 x SIL100T Fan
  • 1 x Instruction User Manual

Pros and Cons

  • Runs extremely quietly
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Has a decent extraction rate
  • Simple installation
  • Covered by a five-year warranty
  • Stylish design and features
  • Great value for money
  • Some customer reviews advise that the cover of the fan needs to be removed every few months for effective cleaning to maintain optimal performance

Verdict: Should You Buy The SIL100t?

The Envirovent SIL100T is certainly a great buy – it’s one of the most popular extractor fans for a reason. The quiet running volume, as well as the excellent extraction rate and the fan’s energy efficiency, make it a purchase that’s well worth it.

As the average length of warranty for any given product is between one and two years, the fact that the Envirovent SIL100T comes with a five-year warranty is pretty impressive, so it’s a purchase that can be made with peace of mind at the forefront. Though installation is relatively straightforward and simple, it’s best to have it installed by a professional, as this extends the warranty to cover both parts and labour.

This fan has a powerful extraction rate and is best suited to smaller rooms that are prone to generate large amounts of humidity, such as bathrooms and cloakrooms. So one thing to keep in mind is that it may not be as effective when installed in larger rooms.

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Envirovent Silent 100t Review

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