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  • Customers have said installation is quick and easy.
  • Provides a good extraction rate whilst consuming just 9.4W.
  • This model is covered by a 3-year warranty by Airflow.
  • Extracts 19 litres of airflow per second.
  • Stylish and nonintrusive design.


  • The control modules are sold separately.


The Airflow iCON 15 is perfect for bathrooms, shower rooms, toilets, en-suites, and, utility rooms.

It can either be recessed into the ceiling or the wall and is very stylish yet unobtrusive – even in the smallest of spaces. If you prefer to surface mount the unit, a narrow “skirt” is supplied.

This quiet yet powerful fan delivers an extraction rate of 19 l/s while consuming just 9.4Watts.

The iCON 15 also features a sleek iris shutter, designed to prevent back draughts, operate quietly and also to help reduce any noise ingress.

Main Features

  • Our Rating: 9.3/10
  • SFP: 0.49W/l/s
  • Maximum Sound Level: 28.8dB
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Complete with silent shutter
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 19 litres per second (69 m3/hr)
  • A selection of optional control modules available
  • Complies with latest Building Regulations
  • Rated to IPX4
Airflow iCON 15 Silent Close Shutter

Extraction Rate

The Airflow iCON 15 has a max extraction flow rate of 69m3/hr, which is around 19 litres per second. Being the first extractor fan in the Airflow iCON series, this extraction rate, while decent, will be suitable for smaller applications e.g. en-suite, toilet, shower room etc. If you feel you need a more powerful extraction rate, you should consider the iCON 30 or iCON 60, but do keep in mind these will be a bit more expensive.

Power Consumption

This iCON 15 axial fan has a maximum consumption rate of just 9.4 Watts. It also has a great Specific Fan Power (SFP) Efficiency Rate of 0.49W/l/s.

Noise Level

The Airflow iCON 15 outputs a low sound level of 28.8dB at 3m, which is fairly quiet, especially for a moderately powerful extractor like this one. The standard for a quiet extractor fan is  30dB so this flow rate is pretty good.


This extractor fan was created from quality ABS thermoplastics. It is refreshing to see a circular design where most are usually square! The iCON 15 also has cantilever fixing lugs meaning it can be installed on uneven surfaces if required.

One of the reasons this fan is so popular is due to the sleek iris shutter. The iris shutter is activated by the brown actuator, which heats up and pushes onto a white plastic clip, which results in the iris shutter opening. With that said, all of these components need to be aligned correctly during installation – especially when you fit the fan cover onto the fan. This is because if it is done incorrectly, it may seem like the fan itself is not working properly.

Furthermore, Airflow also has four great easy-wipe cover choices for the iCON 15 to match your bathroom’s interior; Silver, Anthracite, Sandstone, and even Chrome!

Overrun Timer

This model does not have a run-on timer feature. If this is something you’re after, you will need to get the Airflow TM iCON Plug-in Timer Module as well. It is very quick and simple to install and would be much cheaper to replace than the whole fan itself.

Alternatively, you can buy the module and the iCON 15 together here.

Humidity Sensor

The iCON 15 does NOT have a humidity sensor or humidistat. If this is something you want, you will need to get the Airflow HTM iCON Plug-in Humidity & Timer Module and hook it up. This one is handy because it also has a timer control option as well.

Alternatively, you can buy them together here.

Other Control Modules

One great feature of the iCON series is the optionable control modules. While you have to purchase these separately, they allow great customisation for whatever application you are going for. Below is a table that details each module along with their respective product code.


This extractor fan by Airflow comes with a 3-year warranty, which is pretty standard. Make sure you check out their help section if you have any issues after you purchase.

Airflow iCON 15 Reviews

The Airflow iCON 15 has been reviewed many times by verified customers that have provided genuine feedback. Click below to read the verified customer reviews in order to make an informed decision.

Airflow iCON 15 Extractor Fan Instruction Manual

You can download the Airflow iCON 15 Extractor Fan Instruction Manual here.

You can also download the Airflow iCON 15 Datasheet here.

What’s Included in the box?

  • 1 x iCON 15 Fan
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Screws & Fixtures

Pros and Cons

  • Customers have said installation is quick and easy.
  • Provides a good extraction rate whilst consuming just 9.4W.
  • This model is covered by a 3-year warranty by Airflow.
  • Extracts 19 litres of airflow per second.
  • Stylish and nonintrusive design.
  • The control modules are sold separately.

Verdict: Should You Buy The iCON 15?

There are a number of great reasons why you should get the iCON 15. First off, the optional modules are easy to install and connect due to their “snap-in” design. The silent iris shutter gives the iCON 15 a very unique appearance while being completely practical. It is also incredibly easy to install. If you’re after a modern-looking, unique bathroom fan, with a decent extraction rate, that provides a no-hassle install – then you should definitely go for this fan.

If you find you would like a more powerful fan, you should check out our Airflow iCON 30 review, as well as our Airflow iCON 60 review.

Airflow iCON 15 Silent Shutter Closed

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